Free traial information

what kind of web application is KARUTAP?
Would you like to try it youself?

We have prepared two trial plans.
① A plan that allows you to try all the functions of KARUTAP
② A plan that allows you to play with already created “Karuta”
  ※Plans in ② cannot create cards.

Each plan is valid for 1 month.
If you are interested, please apply for that trial plan.

How to apply for a plan that allows you to try all the functions of KARUTAP

① Access the KARUTAP registration site

Please access the following URL


② Apply for a plan

After clicking “Plan” from the menu at the top of the page,
Click on the “3 sets” plan.

KARUTAP plan screen

③ Creating a KARUTAP Account

After filling in the necessary information and checking the checkbox at the bottom,
the “Next” button will be displayed.

KARUTAP アカウント作成画面
KARUTAP Account creation screen

④ Register with the received email

A confirmation email will be ent to the registered email adress.

A confirmaation email

⑤ Log in to KARUTAP

When the registration is completed, the screen will change and you will be able to log in to KARUTAP

Screen immediately after account registration

How to apply for a plan to play with already created karuta

① Fill out the application form

KARUTAP has set the e-mail adress as “ID”.

Please use the form below to fill in the necessary information,
such as the e-mail adress of the person you wish to use.


Send an “invation” to KARUTAP from the person in charge

We will send you an “invitation” by email within 3 business days
after receiving the application form.

The “invitation” contains the “URL”, “pssored”,etc.

If you do not receive an invitation within 3 business days,
please contact us by phone or email.

Phone number :04-7170-2850



The trial period is one month.

Please fee free to try various karuta.


“KARUTAP” an online karuta game that deepens knowledge through play

KARUTAP is an online that allows to create your own original karuta with “words, “images”, and “sounds”.

If you are interested in this servise, please register.