Terms used in KARUTAP

With administrator privileges, you can register/delete new users, create/delete new groups, and lock offenders.
In addition the administratrator will check the usage plan and carry out continuous purchase procefures.
bulk user
Bulk is a word derived from Inglish and is used in the sense of “to put together”.
CSV file
A CSV file stands for Comma Separated Value, which is Separeted Values with commas.
A text file consisting of letters and symbols that chan be clicked to open in Notepad.
Enter the necessary information in Excel, select “CSV” and save.
A facilitator is someone with facilitative or supportive authority.
  • Karuta “theme” setting, user invitation of Karuta to be created
  • “Approve” and “Reject” Karuta creatd by the user
  • User delection/new user invitation to created Karuta.
  • Start a multiplayer match for the created karuta, invite users, and create a match group.
You can specify which karuta to create and use for each group.
The facilitator has the authority to create groups.
For example, students can be divided into groups by grade or level(veginner, intermediate, advanced,etc.).
An “invitation” is when a fasilitator invites a user who creates cards or plays karuta to a group created by the vacilitator.
Users cannot use KARUTAP unless invited by the facilitator.
The facilitator must also invite users when playing mulitiplayer matches.
Multiplayer match (play with mulitiple people)
A multiplayer match is when a facilitator creates a matchgropu and invites users to play karuta with mulitiple people.
Compete for the time until all the cards are taken, not the number of cares to be taken.
User privileges allow you to create and play karuta.Sbecifically, you cna:
  • Create Karuta cards, use Karuta personal games.
  • Participate and play in the Karuta game multiplayer you are invited to.

Online karuta “KARUTAP” deepens one’s knowledge through playing

KARUTAP is an online karuta game that allows you to create your own original karuta by preparing your own words, images, and sounds.

If you are interested, please register.