About Free Traial

How long can I use my free trial?

The free trial period is for a month.

How many types of free trials are there?

Two types of free trials are available.

  • Trial ① (A plan that allows you to try out all the functions.)
  • Trial ② (A plan to play karuta that has already been created.)

What kind of karutas can be used during the trial period ②

The karuta that can be played during the Trial period 2 are as follows.

  • My day: 24 photos
  • Basic Elemental Symbols: 29 total
  • Element symbol advanced: 118 total
  • Features of prefectures: 47 sheets in total
  • Prefecture name: 47 sheets in total *English/Japanese
  • Japanese map symbols: 54 in total *English/Japanese
  • World leaders: 50 sheets in total *English
  • World map (Africa): 54 sheets in total *English
  • World map (South America): 14 sheets in total *English
  • World map (North America): 12 sheets in total *English
  • World map (Europe): 45 sheets in total *English

From Free Trial to Paid Plan

Where I can apply for a paid plan, tell me the website?

The website to apply for a paid plan is here.

Select “Plans” from the top right menu. 


Will the free trial be automatically switched to a paid plan?

The free trial does not automatically switch to a paid plan.

Please be sure to manually change it. 

If I apply for a paid plan after the trial, can I use the Karuta registered during the trial?

If you apply for a paid plan after the trial, you will be able to use the cards you registered during the trial.

Why can’t I login even though I applied for a paid plan after the trial?

The reason why you can’t login after applying for a paid plan after the trial may be that your payment has not yet been confirmed.

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be able to login. 

What you need to register

What do I need to register?

Three different e-mail addresses are required for registration; “business”, “facilitator” and “user”.

About Login

Why can’t I login even though I registered my email address?

Even though you have registered your email address, the reason you may not login is that the email address of the ‘business operator’ and the ‘facilitator’ may be the same.

The same e-mail address cannot be registered. Use different email addresses for different functionalities.

If you forget whether you logged in as a “user” or as a “facilitator”, how to distinguish between them.

If you forget whether you logged in as a “user” or a “facilitator”, please check the “Profile”.

About Security

What is the security of KARUTAP ?

  • The password users the hash mathod “SHA256”.
  • When applying for a user, there is a step of e-mail authentication, so that user can be confirmed firmly.
  • Since KARRUTAP is a web application, there is no problem if your browser and computer are equipped with virus protection.
  • We have an SSL certificate created by a publicly trusted certificate authority.

About Cards Disyplay

Why are some users unable to see Karuta?

Some users don’t see Karuta because the facilitator hasn’t ‘invited’ the user.

To invite users:

  • login with facilitator privileges.
  • After selecting any karuta, Invite the users.
  • “Add” any user and click “confirm”


I created a karuta but it is not displayed. Why?

When you create a karuta, the facilitator will be notified.

The karuta will not be displayed unless the facilitator confirms whether the karuta created is in line with the theme and “accepts” it.

Please wait for the facilitator to confirm.


About Registering cards

Why are the registered images distorted?

The registered image is distorted because the original image is landscape.

KARUTAP displays images vertically. As a result, landscape images will appear distorted. 

Please tell me the ratio at which the image is displayed best.

Images are best displayed when the aspect ratio is 3:2.

What will happen if you register a longer “voice” than “text”?

There won’t be any problem even if you register “Voice” longer than “Text”. The registered voice will be read aloud as it is.

What is the approximate recording time for voice?

The standard audio recording time is about 30 seconds.

If it is longer than that, you may be unable to register with KARUTAP. 

Is there a limit to the number of cards?

The number of cards can be changed with facilitator authority, and there is no upper limit.

However, KARUTAP is designed to compete for the time it takes to collect all the torifuda,
so if you increase the number of cards too much, it will take a long time to play karuta.

Please take this into consideration when setting the number of cards.

For reference, when we held the “Hyakunin issyu Tournament”, it took an average of 15 o5 20 minutes for all the participants to finish collecting all the cards.

About the Copyright

What is the copyright of the created karuta?

  • Rights related to copyrighted works (including, but not limited to, text, images, sounds, videos and other data) of user’s karuta and cards registered in KARUTAP (rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) ) belong to the administrator.
  • Registered facilitators and users must not exercise moral rights.
  • The administrator may request the Company to modify the contents of Karuta and cards (including but not limited to images, sounds, videos, and other data) to the extent necessary to prevent any hindrance to the use of KARUTAP. Please accept my permission.
  • Regarding the texts registered in Karuta, please allow only duplication or adaptation. In this case, the administrator shall not exercise the author’s moral rights against the Company, except for the rights stipulated in Article 20, Paragraph 1 of the Copyright Law regarding the Karuta text.

Can you give me some concrete examples of not infringing copyrights if you register with KARUTAP and play with friends without a usage fee?

If you register with KARUTAP and play with your friends without a usage fee, the following will not constitute copyright infringement.

  • When registering your own drawing in KARUTAP by imitating anime or manga
  • When you take a picture of a character card (such as a Pokemon card) and register it in KARUTAP to play
  • If you take a picture of the character figure you purchased and register it in KARUTAP

Is it is a copyright infringement if I record the lines of the anime as “sound/voice” in KARUTAP

If you record anime lines in your own voice as ‘sound/voice’ in KARUTAP, it may be judged as follows.

  • Possibility of not falling under copyright infringement
    • For short lines
    • In case of dialogues without originality
  • Possibility of copyright infringement
    • In case, the lines used will help guess the story etc.
    • In the case of unique lines such as ines an anime is known for

It is difficult to determine the degree of copyright infringement, so please be careful whie working on these sets.

Please tell me if it is a copyright infringement if I use the voice (voice actor’s voice) from anime or movies and record it as “sound/voice” in KARUTAP.

If you use the sound /voice (voice actor’s voice) of animation or movie, it corresponds to copyright infringement.

Online karuta “KARUTAP” deepens one’s knowledge through playing

KARUTAP is an online karuta game that allows you to create your own original karuta by preparing your own words, images, and sounds.

If you are interested, please register.