Start Guide

To use KARUTAP, you need to register the following accounts

  • Business account
  • Facilitator account (multiple registrations are possible)
  • User account (multiple registratios are possible)

Here, wi will explain how to register for an account: for those who have applied fora a free trial and those who have were just introduced to KARUTAP. Experience KARUTAP while operating it.

If you have any questions about any accounts, please check the help page for each account.

Business help
facilitator help
user help

Business Registration Process

In order to use KARUTAP, business registration is required first.

What you can do with administrator privileges

  • Registering and deleting new users
  • Creating and deleting new groups.
  • Locking of viloators.
  • Check subscription plans and purchase renewals.

① Access the KARUTAP registration site

Access the following address and click on “Plan”.


② Choose a plan

Please click on either “Test Plan”, “Yearly Plan” or a “Monthly Plan”.

*If you want to have a trial, please click on “Test Plan”. 

KARUTAP Plan Screen

③ Account Registration

After filling in the necessary details, check the checkbox and click the “Next” button.
* If you put a check in the check box, “Next” will be displayed. “

KARUTAP Account creation screen

④ Register with the received email

A confirmation email (subject: KARUTAP Platform/Verification Email) will be sent to the registered email address.

Click on “Check here to Verify”. 

Varification Email

⑤ Login to KARUTAP

When the registration is completed, the screen will change and you can move to the KARUTAP login page.


Facilitator Registration Process

You can register/delete ‘Facilitators’ from your business account.

Please note that the email address used for Business Registration cannot be used for the Facilitator. 

What you cna do with facilitator privleges

  • Karuta “theme” setting.
  • Invitation of user of Karuta to be created.
  • “Approve” or “Reject” Karuta created by the user.
  • Deleting users from already created Karuta, Inviting new users.
  • Start a malti-play of already created Karuta, invite useres, created a match group.

① Login to KARUTAP

Please log in with your Business Account.

KARUTAP ログイン画面
KARUTAP Login Screen

② Click on “Facilitator” from “User Management”

User Management Screen

③ Click on “Add Facilitator”

Facilitator Registration Screen

④ Account Registration

Fill in the details and click on “Confirm”.

Facilitator Registration Screen

User Registration Process

You can register/delete users from the Business Account.

What user privileges can do

  • Create Karuta cards.
  • Use of personal Karuta game.
  • Participate in and play an invited Karuta game multiplayer match.

① Login to KARUTAP

Please log in with your Business Account.

KARUTAP ログイン画面
KARUTAP Login Screen

② Click on “User” from “User Management”

User management Screen

③ Click on “Add User”

User Management Screen

④ Account Registration

User Registration Screen


  • フィルタリング機能があるため、人数が多くなる場合には「学年」に入力しておくと便利です。

Online karuta “KARUTAP” deepens one’s knowledge through playing

KARUTAP is an online karuta game that allows you to create your own original karuta by preparing your own words, images, and sounds.

If you are interested, please register.