KARUTAP offers “free trial plan” and “paid plan”.

Trial ①

Trial ②

Paid plan

0 yen

  • A plan that allows you to try all the functions.
  • Trial period : 1 month
  • Number of Karuta sets: 3 sets
  • Check how to apply


  • Plan to enjoy only playing karuta.
  • Trial period : 1 month
  • Check how to apply

3,300 yen

  • Price includes tax.
  • Number of Karuta sets: 12sets
  • Annual payment possible if you prefer.
  • Check how to apply
    ※This is the same method as the trial①
Trial①trial②paid plan
You can create a karuta.
You can use “Single Play”.
You can join the mulitiplayer you are invited to.×
You will be the one to decide the title of the karuta.×
You can register as a user.×
As a facilitator,
you can “approve/reject” cards created by users.
You can “invite/remove”useres to the karuta
you created asa a facilitator.
As a facilitator, you can invite users to mulitiplayer
and create battle groups.
You cna register and delete new users.×
You can register/delete new groups.×
You can lock offenders.×
You can check and continue your subscription plan.××

“KARUTAP” an online karuta game that deepens knowledge through play

KARUTAP is an online that allows to create your own original karuta with “words, “images”, and “sounds”.

If you are interested in this servise, please register.