Karuta Tournament Sponsored by Geoglyph Co., Ltd.
With Japan as the theme, where we used 3 different Karuta sets.


A Karuta tournament sponsored by Geoglyph Co., Ltd. was held on the following schedule.

Karuta tournament schedule

  • Date:Martch 25th, 2023
  • Time:Japan time 10:00~11:30
  • Place:Zoom

Karuta tournament

A total of 7 particiants, including Indian and Japanese children who are studying Japanese, participated in this competition.
We competed for the total number of cards taken using the following three karuta.

  • Japanese food (40 sheets in total)
  • Japanese culture and events (40 sheets in total)
  • Mascot characters from all over Japan (total of 30)

This karuta is written in both Japanese and English.
As for the audio, I tried to make it so that the English would flow after the Japanese. 

Japanese Events Karuta
Japanese food Karuta

Before starting the game, explain the origins of Karuta. In addition, during the interval between games, I used slides to explain Japanese foods and events, and incorporated ideas to get people interested in Japan.  


Explanation slide of “kaiawase” that became the basis of karuta
Japanese food Karuta
Introducing Japanese food
Japanese Events Karuta
Explanation of the Japanese event “Shishimai”
Everyone who participated in the competition

Participant’s voice

We had you cooperate with questionnaire to all of you who had you participate.

Was the karuta tournament fun?

Q:Was the karuta tournament fun?

Please tell us why you thought the karuta tournament was interesting.

  • Because it was a chance to learn new things about the Japanese culture.
  • It was great to be able to learn about Japan while having fun.
  • Because the content was interesting

What kind of karuta would you like to play?

  • Karuta about anime
  • Karuta for memorizing kanji and katakana
  • Karuta of tourist attractions

Do you have any other impressions or opinions?

  • Thank you for guiding me through this kind of karuta.
  • Even if the children didn’t understand “ancestor’s vehicle” or “midyear gift”, they chose when they heard the words “cucumber” and “gift”, so it was good that they were learning English. It is also recommended for Japanese people. I had a lot of fun today. thank you very much.
  • It was a great deal because you can play and learn in both Japanese and English. I’m glad that my child didn’t get bored and was working on it. thank you very much.


Next tournamnent is scheduled

Next tournamnent is scheduled:Around tthe fall of 2023

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